County Defender Offices



Albany County

Sherri Brooks, Albany County Conflict Defender-
(518) 447-5532

James P. Milstein, Albany County Public Defender-
(518) 447-7150

Allegany County

J. Timothy Embser, Assigned Counsel Plan- (585) 593-1090

Barbara J. Kelley, Allegany County Public Defender-
(585) 268-9246

Raymond W. Bulson, Allegany County Conflict Defender-
(716) 933-8792

Bronx County (see New York City)

Broome County

Jay Wilber, Broome County Public Defender-
(607) 778-2403

Cattaraugus County

Nicholas A. DiCerbo, Sr., Assigned Counsel Plan-
(716) 938-2391

Mark S. Williams, Cattaraugus County Public Defender-
(716) 373-0004

Cayuga County

Lloyd E. Hoskins, Assigned Counsel for the Indigent-
(315) 253-1402

Chautauqua County

Nathaniel Barone, Chautauqua County Public Defender-
(716) 753-4376

Chemung County

Scott N. Fierro, Chemung County Public Defender-
(607) 737-2969

Richard W. Rich, Chemung County Public Advocate-
(607) 737-5577

Chenango County

John D. Cameron, Chenango County Public Defender-
(607) 337-1870

Clinton County

Richard E. Cantwell, Clinton County Assigned Counsel Plan- (518) 561-9251

Columbia County

Arlene A. Levinson, Columbia County Public Defender-
(518) 828-3410

John M. Leonardson, Columbia County Conflict Defender- (518) 822-9406

Cortland County

Edward W. Goehler, Cortland County Public Defender-
(607) 753-5046

Lyn Manning, Cortland County Conflict Defender-
(607) 753-5046

Delaware County

Teresa Mulliken, Delaware County Assigned Counsel Plan- (607) 652-9790

Dutchess County

Thomas N. Angell, Dutchess County Public Defender-
(800) 660-8818

Erie County

Robert D. Lonski, Erie County Aid to Indigent Prisoners- (716) 856-8804

David C. Schopp, Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo-
(716) 853-9555

William F. Coughlin, Legal Aid of Buffalo, Criminal Division- (716) 853-9555

Essex County

Brandon E. Boutelle, Essex County Public Defender-
(518) 873-3880

Franklin County

Thomas G. Soucia, Franklin County Public Defender-
(518) 481-1624

Lorelei B. Smith Miller, Franklin County Conflict Defender- (518) 481-1593

Jill Dyer, Franklin County Assigned Counsel Plan-
(518) 481-1423

Fulton County

J. Gerard McAuliffe, Jr., Fulton County Public Defender- (518) 736-5820

Genesee County

Gary A. Horton, Genesee County Public Defender-
(585) 344-2550

Randolph P. Zickl, Genessee County Legal Assistance Corp- (585) 343-0811

Greene County

Angelo Scatturo, Greene County Public Defender-
(518) 719-3220

Hamilton County

William Farber, Public Defense Coordinator Assigned Counsel- (518) 548-6651

Herkimer County

Keith Bowers, Herkimer County Assigned Counsel-
(315) 866-0006

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Assigned Counsel- vacant

Julie Hutchins, Jefferson County Public Defender-
(315) 785-3152

Kings County (See New York City)

Lewis County

Michael F. Young, Lewis Defenders, PLLC- (315) 376-7543

Timothy M. McCluskey, Lewis County Conflict Defender- (315) 232-4551

Livingston County

Marcea Clark Tetamore, Livingston County Public Defender- (585) 243-7028

Jeannie D. Michalski, Livingston County Conflict Defender- (585) 991-5091

Madison County

Paul H. Hadley, Madison County Public Defender-
(315) 366-2585

Tina Wayland Smith, Madison County Assigned Counsel Plan- (315) 366-2203

Monroe County

Timothy P. Donaher, Monroe County Public Defender-
(585) 753-4210

Charles T. Noce, Monroe County Conflict Defender-
(585) 753-3480

Montgomery County

William F. Martuscello, Montgomery County Public Defender- (518) 853-8305

Nassau County

Robert M. Nigro, Nassau County Assigned Counsel Plan- (516) 747-8448

Kent V. Moston, Legal Aid Society of Nassau County-
(516) 560-6400

New York City

Lynn W.L. Fahey, Appellate Advocates- (212) 693-0085

Assigned Counsel Plan for First Dept. (Bronx & New York)- (212) 676-0061

Barbara A. DiFiore, Assigned Counsel Plan for Second Dept. (Kings, Queens, & Richmond)- (212) 676-0055

Robin G. Steinberg, The Bronx Defenders- (718) 838-7878

Lisa Schreibersdorf, Brooklyn Defender Services-
(718) 254-0700

Robert S. Dean, Center for Appellate Litigation-
(212) 577-2523

Steven Banks, The Legal Aid Society: Central Admin.-
(212) 577-3300

Seymour James, The Legal Aid Society: Criminal Practice- (212) 577-3300

David C. Clarke, The Legal Aid Society: Bronx-
(718) 579-3000

Dawn Ryan, The Legal Aid Society: Kings- (718) 237-2000

Irwin Shaw, The Legal Aid Society: NY County-
(212) 298-5000

Timothy Routree, The Legal Aid Society: Queens-
(718) 286-2000

Christopher Pisciotta, The Legal Aid Society: Richmond-
(718) 273-6677

Rick Jones, Neighborhood Defender Service- (212) 876-5500

Michael Coleman, New York County Defender Services- (212) 803-5100

Richard M. Greenberg, Office of the Appellate Defender- (212) 402-4100

Joseph Vaccarino, Queens Law Associates- (718) 261-3047

Niagra County

Robert M. Pusateri, Niagra County Conflict Office & Assigned Counsel Plan- (716) 439-7310

David J. Farrugia, Niagra County Public Defender-
(716) 439-7071

Oneida County

Chad D. DeFina, Oneida County Supplemental Assigned Counsel Program- (315) 793-6042

Frank J. Nebush, Jr., Oneida County Public Defender: Criminal- (315) 798-5870

Frank J. Furno, Oneida County Public Defender: Civil-
(315) 266-6100

Onondaga County

Renee Captor, Onondaga County Bar Assn. Assigned Counsel Program- (315) 476-2921

Susan M. Horn, Hiscock Legal Aid Society- (315) 422-8191

Ontario County

Alexandra Burkett, Ontario County Assigned Counsel Plan- (585) 396-0670

Leanne Lapp, Ontario County Public Defender-
(585) 396-4645

Orange County

Gary Abramson, The Legal Aid Society of Orange County- (845) 291-2454

Mark D. Stern, Orange County Assigned Counsel Plan-
(845) 294-7990

Orleans County

Sanford A. Church, Orleans County Public Defender-
(585) 589-7335

Oswego County

Stephen C. Greene, Oswego County Assigned Counsel Plan- (315) 349-8296

Otsego County

Richard A. Rothermel, Otsego County Public Defender-
(607) 432-7410

Putnam County

Patrick J. Brophy, Putman County Legal Aid Society-
(845) 225-8466

Queens County (see New York City)

Rensselaer County

John C. Turi, Rensselaer County Public Defender-
(518) 270-4030

Sandra J. McCarthy, Rensselaer County Conflict Defender- (518) 270-2802

Stephen A. Pechenik, Rensselaer County Assigned Counsel Plan- (518) 270-2950

Richmond County (see New York City)

Rockland County

Keith I. Braunfotel, Rockland County Assigned Counsel Plan- (845) 634-7701

James D. Licata, Rockland County Public Defender-
(845) 638-5660

St. Lawrence County

Francis P. Cappello, St. Lawrence County Assigned Counsel Plan- (315) 265-2747

Stephen D. Button, St. Lawrence County Public Defender- (315) 379-2115

Amy L. Dona, St. Lawrence County Conflict Defender-
(315) 379-2282

Saratoga County

John L. Ciulla, Jr., Saratoga County Public Defender & Assigned Counsel Admin- (518) 884-4795

Schenectady County

Mark Caruso, Schenectady County Public Defender-
(518) 386-2266

Stephen M. Signore, Schenectady County Conflict Defender- (518) 388-4782

Howard G. Carpenter, Jr., Schenectady County Assigned Counsel Plan- (518) 388-4276

Schoharie County

Raynor Duncombe, Schoharie County Assigned Counsel Plan- (518) 295-7515

Schuyler County

Wesley A. Roe, Schuyler County Public Defender-
(607) 535-6400

Paul R. Corradini, Schuyler County Conflict Defender-
(607) 731-2039

Seneca County

Michael J. Mirras, Seneca County Public Defender-
(315) 568-4975

Steugen County

Philip J. Roche, Steuben County Public Defender-
(607) 664-2410

David G. Wallace, Steuben County Conflict Defender & Assigned Counsel Admin. (607) 377-7876

Suffolk County

Robert C. Mitchell, Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County-
(631) 853-7770

David H. Besso, Assigned Counsel Defender Plan of Suffolk- (631) 666-5766

Sullivan County

Joel M. Proyect, Sullivan County Legal Aid Bureau-
(845) 292-0415

Stephan Schick, Sullivan Legal Aid Panel- (845) 794-4094

Tioga County

Judith M. Quigley, Tioga County Assigned Counsel Plan- (607) 687-8253

George Awad, Jr., Tioga County Public Defender-
(607) 687-1000

Tompkins County

Wesley E. McDermott, Tompkins County Assigned Counsel Program- (607) 272-7487

Ulster County

Burton Gulnick, Jr., Ulster County Assigned Counsel Plan- (845) 340-3460

Andrew Kossover, Ulster County Public Defender-
(845) 340-3232

Warren County

John P. Wappett, Warren County Public Defender-
(518) 761-6207

Joy McLaughlin LaFontaine, Warren County Assigned Counsel Plan- (518) 761-6460

Washington County

Michael J. Mercure, Washington County Public Defender- (518) 746-2403

Wayne County

V. Bruce Chambers, Wayne County Assigned Counsel Program- (315) 331-3181

James S. Kernan, Wayne County Public Defender-
(315) 946-7472

Westchester County

John F. Ryan, Legal Aid Society of Westchester County-
(914) 286-3400

Wyoming County

Eric T. Dadd, Wyoming County Assigned Counsel Plan-
(585) 591-1724

Norman Effman, Wyoming County- Attica and Wyoming County Public Defender- (585) 786-8450

Yates County

Edward J. Brockman, Yates County Public Defender-
(585) 374-6439

Dianne S. Lovejoy, Yates County Assigned Counsel Program- (315) 531-3441


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