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N. Scott Banks Ext. 06412 Email icon


Appeals Bureau (Ext. 06478)

Tammy Feman Bureau Chief Ext. 06421 Email icon
Dori Cohen Staff Attorney Ext. 06422 Email icon
Mia Guthart Staff Attorney Ext. 06457 Email icon
Rachel Rambo Staff Attorney Ext. 06481 Email icon
Daniel Schumeister Staff Attorney Ext. 06493 Email icon
Argun Ulgen Staff Attorney Ext. 06423 Email icon


County Court Bureau (Ext. 06410)

Richard Ellman Senior Litigation Supervisor Ext. 06404 Email icon
Jenna Suppon County Court Bureau Chief Ext. 06428 Email icon
Cindy D'Ambra County Court Deputy Bureau Chief Ext. 06414 Email icon
Timothy N. Naples County Court Deputy Bureau Chief Ext. 06418 Email icon
Michael F. Berger Staff Attorney Ext. 06436 Email icon
Daniel Fazio Staff Attorney Ext. 06465 Email icon
Alexandra Gann Staff Attorney Ext. 06470 Email icon
Spike Kauffman Staff Attorney Ext. 06431 Email icon
Kimberly Kaufmann Staff Attorney Ext. 06442 Email icon
Ilana Kopmar Staff Attorney Ext. 06416 Email icon
Danielle Makarsky Staff Attorney Ext. 06484 Email icon
Tatiana Miranda Staff Attorney Ext. 06463 Email icon
Andrea Natalie Staff Attorney Ext. 06486 Email icon
Tara Onorato Staff Attorney Ext. 06464 Email icon
Kyan Peffer Staff Attorney Ext. 06435 Email icon
David Resnick Staff Attorney Ext. 06426 Email icon
Taryn Shechter Staff Attorney Ext. 06413 Email icon
Jenna Spelke Staff Attorney Ext. 06430 Email icon
Sarah Thomas Staff Attorney Ext. 06462 Email icon


District Court Bureau (Ext. 06407 or 06478)

Barbara Raney Bureau Chief Ext. 06403 Email icon
Colleen Baktis District Court Deputy Bureau Chief Ext. 06438 Email icon
Sabato Caponi Staff Attorney, Supervisor Ext. 06466 Email icon
Dustin Boone Law Graduate Ext. 06482 Email icon
Allison Castel Staff Attorney Ext. 06492 Email icon
Daniel D'Lugoff Staff Attorney Ext. 06411 Email icon
Kevin Dunshee Law Graduate Ext. 06417 Email icon
Samantha Estepa Staff Attorney Ext. 06487 Email icon
Jillian Gardner Staff Attorney Ext. 06434 Email icon
Molly Harwood Law Graduate Ext. 06429 Email icon
Gabriella Javaheri Law Graduate Ext. 06489 Email icon
James Lynch Law Graduate Ext. 06461 Email icon
Hadassah Phillips Staff Attorney Ext. 06447 Email icon
William Riggin Law Graduate Ext. 06445 Email icon
Natalie Shepherd Law Graduate Ext. 06425 Email icon
Collin Smith Law Graduate Ext. 06488 Email icon
Jeffrey Tyler Staff Attorney Ext. 06475 Email icon


Parole Revocation

David Rosenfeld Parole Revocation Staff Attorney Ext. 06433 Email icon


Immigration Unit

Donna Zak Supervisor Immigration Unit Ext. 06471 Email icon
Michelle Caldera-Kopf Immigration Unit Attorney Ext. 06474 Email icon


Family Court Bureau (Ext. 06458)

Lauren Broderick Bureau Chief Ext. 06453 Email icon
Jaime Birk Deputy Bureau Chief Ext. 06452 Email icon
Sarah Beechay Staff Attorney Ext. 06449 Email icon
Shonna Carlson Staff Attorney Ext. 06455 Email icon
Christine R. Hughes Staff Attorney Ext. 06454 Email icon

Juvenile Rights Bureau

Brian Shupak Juvenile Unit Supervisor Ext. 06432 Email icon
Diane T. Clarke Staff Attorney Ext. 06427 Email icon
Diana Gandiello Staff Attorney Ext. 06415 Email icon

Other Personnel

Social Work Bureau (Ext. 06451 or 06459)

Arielle Facompre Social Work Bureau Chief Ext. 06469 Email icon
Dave Anderson Social Worker Ext. 06460 Email icon
Kristen Goldfarb Social Worker Ext. 06441 Email icon
Lindsay Mica Social Worker Ext. 06450 Email icon


Investigations (Ext. 06420)

Jim Culliney Chief Investigator Ext. 06420 Email icon
Etienne Maugé Staff Investigator Ext. 06472 Email icon


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